Radončić: The government maintains a balance of powerlessness and fear

The story of the reconstruction of the current, incompetent and treacherous government is the constant heating of the corpse called the Government led by Zdravko Krivokapić, said journalist and publicist Šeki Radončić in the morning program of the City Television “Rujna zora”.

“Again, they will reconcile and find a compromise because they are kept in a balance of helplessness and fear. They know that when one screw falls out of that point, everything goes to hell and Krivokapić will never be able to dream of being prime minister again in his life”, believes Radončić.

The members of the ruling majority, he says, cling to each other like a drowned man for a straw – they quarrel and spit – normal people would never talk again after that, and they reconcile.

“It has been going on for a year now and I do not expect any dramatic changes. They won the elections on the platform of the Government of Experts and are now changing the rules in the middle of the game. I think that their voters will not support that, if they have voters left”, Radončić points out.

The West does not want the DF in the Government, the dissatisfaction of the DF is natural

The West respects you as much as you are respected at home and they will support, as he said, everything that is in their interest.

“It is not in the interest of the West for the DF to enter the Government, because that would allow that strong political group to enter the heart of a NATO country. The West will certainly remain principled until the end, so that the DF and its ministers cannot enter the new government, and the western countries have great power on all meridians”, emphasizes Radončić.

He says that the behavior of the DF is natural, because they won the elections and have no one in the Government.

“It is natural that they are dissatisfied, and the solution is elections, although it will be difficult for them to decide on new elections. They scare each other, they trade, they employ their people in depth, violating all the laws of this country and they do great damage. It is like sand in the hand, sand is leaking from their hand and it is a matter of days when it will leak”, said Radončić.

The Montenegrin opposition should unite as soon as possible

He points out that the DPS, as it is, is the backbone of Montenegrin sovereignty and statehood, and it is very important for the opposition to unite as soon as possible.

“This government lasts as long as the one who has the most severe cancer erodes the state of Montenegro, and if it persists for decades, the damage will need to be repaired. There is material to reach an agreement because, let me remind you, there is only one MP difference, so a serious opposition bloc will have no problem pulling one, two or three MPs from the current majority,” Radoncic believes.

Montenegro is endangered and this new bloc, he adds, must have the strength to change.

“In the final one, such a serious state-building bloc will eventually be approached by the Democrats, although that may seem impossible now. The position of GP URA is determined by the owners of the Vijesti concern who created it and who think that they govern Montenegro through that tab. And they do that,” said Radoncic.

Vučić’s megalomaniac attempt to present himself as Tito

He sees the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, recently in Belgrade, as a great manipulation and a megalomaniacal attempt by Aleksandar Vučić to present himself as Josip Broz Tito and that the non-aligned are alive.

“First, the non-aligned movement is dead because you have no non-aligned countries in the world today. You have neutrals and these others. Vučić can, of course, imitate Tito, but that is tragicomic because Vučić is a Chetnik, emerged from Šešelj’s hat. Today’s Serbia is neither non-aligned nor neutral. It is aligned with Russia, whose satellite it is. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attended the event in front of the state, which was against the non-aligned, in order to mark the territory. Lavrov did the job. The whole event is a miserable attempt to make something out of something and a play for the local ignorant audience”, concluded Radončić.