Anatomy of a persecution

Anatomy of the campaign is a polemical book written in response to the years-long media lynch against its author. The campaign was triggered by the author’s documentary film about a police inspector who claimed in the media that, during the war, he saved Bosnian refugees, whereas he was the one who brutally arrested the Bosniaks.

This is why the promoters of this fake hero, the uncrowned king of the Montenegrin media, launched the campaign against the film’s author. In this campaign, he engaged his consorts, media editors, journalists, columnists, newspaper correspondents… in his and in the ”independent media”, the author of the film was threatened that his grave was ready, his funeral would be organized and his necrologies published, with monstrous labeling attached to his name.

However, this campaign against the author of the film turned into a full unraveling of the media mafia in Montenegro.